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Here are a few of the ways that Evolved helps influencers.


Work with agents who understand your field, who know what your next steps should look like, and who won’t pressure you into bad reality television deals. We have worked with top talent in all walks of digital entertainment. Let us help you next.

Contract Negotiations

Whether with your esports organization or your MCN, ETA knows how to make sure you get what you are worth. We also work amicably with your teams or publishers to make sure a mutually beneficial relationship fosters success for all involved.

Brand Building

Your brand is what is valuable, not your subscriber count. YouTube won’t be the same place in five years, and neither will any area of digital entertainment. Focus on your brand, and let us help you build it to survive any upcoming changes to the industry.

Who We help

From pro gamers to content creators, anyone with an audience has a world of opportunity.

Content Creators

The world is cutting ties with cable companies, leaving you in command of an ever growing audience. Focus on creating engaging content for your audience, and we’ll take care of the rest!


No one has negotiated more player contracts in esports than the team at Evolved. As these deals start to mimic those of traditional sports, let real experts guide you to success.


Game Developers

From the countless developers that we helped go from hobbyist to professional, to the decades of triple A experience we offer, we know how to make your business better.

Our Team

Your New Team
Nikki Elise

Nikki Elise

Esports Agent

[email protected]

Nikki started working as a talent agent in Hollywood representing actors for film and television before making the leap into esports. She has consulted and negotiated multiple deals for players, casters, and other on-camera talent and also has experience in professional player management, tournament productions, marketing and sponsorship liaison.

Mike Giordano

Mike Giordano

TV Producer/Consultant

[email protected]
Mike Giordano has been in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Specializing in television and digital media he has created content for over 20 networks including Vice, MTV, TruTV, A&E, VH1, HGTV, and many more. He is the founder of North Harbor Productions and currently serves as its president and executive producer.

Anders Hillestad

Anders Hillestad

Game Consultant/Producer

[email protected]

Anders is a Producer and Business Developer with a background in Game Design. He co-founded Antagonist and worked as a CEO & Producer on ‘Through the Woods’ which shipped in October 2016. Anders now works as a Game Consultant/Producer with us, helping studios on topics like project management, business development, leadership coaching, marketing and more.

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